Frequently Asked Questions

All payments will be made either on collection of the watch or before the watch has been posted out. This will be agreed via email beforehand.

We accept cash on collection or bank transfers. Please be aware we do not accept PayPal transfers or cheques.

Yes we ship to all countries inside of the European Union as well.

Overall turnaround time will be between 3-4 weeks.

Yes, and have been for a while.

Yes all estimates are free of charge. The only cost incurred initially is the cost of sending and receiving the watch. We will quote based on the first inspection. If we need to re quote once the watch is stripped down we will do so. If the customer declines the updated price we will put the watch back together and return it undone and free of charge.

All services come with a 12 month guarantee so any issues that arise after our final quote will be rectified by us at no further cost to the client. However if the watch has been damaged through no fault of Elliot James watchmakers or LondonRolexService this will make the guarantee invalid and the repair will then be at the expense of the customer.

Refunds will only be considered in extreme circumstances.